August 25th 2020,  VILC  Newsletter
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The latest Easynews bulletin is now live with news items about unrest in Belarus following astonishing election results, the court case in New Zealand of the Australian accused of the Christchurch mosques attack, the auction of a pair of Mahatma Gandhi's distinctive glasses, and the likelihood that Victorians will need to wear face masks 'for some time'.

You can also read about the unexpected way a young Japanese woman found her fit in Australian culture. And, as next week is Adult Learners' Week, our story includes a link to the 3 weeks of free events around Australia, many of them online, that your students can enjoy.

The next Easynews bulletin will come to a screen near you on September 8th.

Image source: East Bristol Auctions

With spring just around the corner, it is a good time have another look at Easynews Feature 2, 2020.
Please remind your students that VILC and Easynews are excellent resources for home/remote study



Easynews 2020 -- News from SBS with listening activities from 2020


In this fortnight's bulletin:

  • Tens of thousands protest for Lukashenko's resignation

  • New Zealand mosque gunman will never leave jail
  • Glasses worn by Gandhi sell for over $475,000
  • Activities to do during Adult Learners’ week
  • How long will Australians need to wear masks?
  • Cooking miso helps a Japanese woman build a new life in Australia

Easynews People, Events and Interests -- Feature 2 2020: Community Gardens and City Farms
  • What is a community garden?
  • What are city farms?
  • A Green Roof in the City
  • Australia's first native rooftop farm
  • Urban pop-up farm powered by coffee grounds
  • The Five Senses garden
  • A school kitchen garden


Teaching tips:

  • Did you know that non-citizens can vote in local government elections?
    In Victoria, LG elections will be held in October. The VEC has recently developed new resources in 20 languages to support CALD communities to participate in the election
    The information is also important for students all around Australia - if your students are ratepayers as an owner or renter, they can vote in their local council election. 

  • Here is the link to an SBS story for Yoko Nakazawa which includes her talking about how she felt when she arrived in Melbourne
    As an extension you could ask students if they have a family recipe, why it's special and even to give the recipe or demonstrate how to cook it or even create a video of the recipe.

  • As always, issues in Easynews items are great for classroom discussions!


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